Time: 60 minutes

Our sources tell us that a recent murder has connections to the dirty bomb attempt that was recently thwarted in Bartlesville Ok.  Derek Griffin has been discovered murdered while in the witness protection program.  The F.B.I. will be on site in one hour.  We believe Derek Griffin is the key to unlocking the connections within the F.B.I. and "The Syndicate".  Before the potentially corrupted F.B.I. agents arrive, we must discover 6 things.  Derek's true identity, the names of the two corrupted F.B.I. agents (who's existence with the F.B.I. was completely removed the same day as Derek Griffin's death), and uncover the names of the 3 cooperatives from "The Syndicate" the F.B.I. has been dealing with.  "The Syndicate", from the best of our knowledge, is a shadow organization with malicious intent. They have plans of contaminating the population for the sake of profiting off of providing the only antidote. This information was provided to us by Derek Griffin, while he has been in witness protection. This case was so sensitive only two F.B.I. agents had information on the case, and they have now both gone missing.

Due to upgrades this adventure is unavailable at this time.

Top Times

Team Slice and Dice – 11:52
R.I.P. Haydon – 54:20
Girl Power (Pom Posers) – 54:90
Team Rib Lake – 55:30
Team Miller - 58:30

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